AskoziaPBX Call Flow Editor mieten (1 Monat je Lizenz 5.x)

Askozia Call Flow EditorIncludes maintenance; can be cancelled monthly; max of 200 users/PBX instance, white labeled version are also available with a per user based price model

Askozia Call Flow Editor
Askozia's Philosophie ist es Produkte zu entwickeln die sich auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren. Darum war es unser Ziel ein IVR Tool zu erschaffen das innovativ, einfach zu bedienen und bezahlbar ist. Das Ergbnis ist der Call Flow Editor.
  • Der Call Flow Editor ist ein komplett in das Webinterface von AskoziaPBX integriertes Zusatzmodul. Mittels drag-and-drop können Sie Ihre eigenen Call Flows erstellen und dem Anrufer die Möglichkeit geben mittels der Telefontastatur mit dem Telefonsystem zu interagieren.
  • Erstellen Sie ihre individuellen Call Flows mit den integrierten Modulen (z.B. ACD Warteschleifen, Anrufaufnahme, Anrufbegrenzung, Sprachsynthetisierung)
  • Nutzen Sie die mitgelieferten Templates für einen schnellen Einstieg
  • Verwenden Sie Ihre Call Flows sofort nach dem Telefon auf
  • Verwenden Sie den Advanced Modus und erstellen Sie komplexe Call Flows mit If-, Switch- und GoTo-Modulen
Curious about the available call flow modules:
  • Answer - Answers a ringing channel.
  • Hangup - Hangs up a channel.
  • SoftHangup - Hangs up the requested channel.
  • Extension - Connect a phone to the existing call flow.
  • Voicemail - Sends the caller to voicemail.
  • Maximum Calls - Limits the number of simultaneous calls.
  • Authenticate - Callers can authenticate themselves with a password.
  • Queue - Create an ACD queue and define ring mode, global timeout, announcement frequency, wrap-up time and try interval.
  • Queue Member - Used with 'Queue'. Establishes a connection to the selected extension.
  • Transfer - Transfer calls within the call flow.
  • Wait - Waits the specified number of seconds before going to the next module.
  • Wait for Silence - Waits for a certain number of seconds of silence before going to the next module.
  • Wait Music-on-Hold - Plays Music-on-Hold for the specified number of seconds.
  • Chan is Available - Checks if an extension is available. Can be used with 'Switch' or 'If'.
  • Note - Add notes to your call flow.
  • Ringing - Indicate a ringing to the caller.
  • Text To Speech - Reads text. For x86 platforms and English only.
  • Say Digits - Says the digits in the selected language one by one.
  • Playback - Plays a sound file. Upload the file or record it with your phone.
  • Playtones - Plays a tone. The list of available tones depends on the selected tone scheme (country).
  • Stop Playtones - Stops playing tones.
  • Busy - Waits for the user to hang up, unless a timeout was specified.
  • Congestion - Indicates congestion and waits for hang up.
  • Echo - Echos audio back.
  • Milliwatt - Generates a constant 1004 Hz tone.
  • If - Go to label one if condition is true, if false go to lab two.
  • Switch - Use the label were the condition is true. Otherwise use default label.
  • Goto - Call Flow continues with the module specified.
  • Send DTMF - Sends arbitrary DTMF digits.
  • Hang Up Extension - Used to clean up a call.
  • Invalid Extension - Call flow continues here if an invalid extension was entered.
  • Timout Extension - Call flow continues here after timeout.
  • Start Extension - Can be used as a new start within the call flow.
  • Background - Plays a sound file while waiting for an extension to be entered.
  • Wait For Extension - Waits for an extension to be entered.
  • Extension 1 to 9 - Continues at this point when this extension was entered.
  • Press X - Specify your own extension. Continues at this point when this extension was entered.
  • Record Email - Leave a message and send it to the specified email address.
  • Record - Record everything which is said after this point.
  • Record Stop - Stop recording and send audio file to email address specified.
  • Record Pause - Pause recording.
  • Record Unpause - Unpause recording.
  • Select Language - Select output language.
  • Read - Create a variable with DTMF tones.
  • System - Execute a Linux shell command.
  • Command - Execute an Asterisk command.
  • Log - Send text to a certain log level.
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