Portech IBS-40 IP Broadcast System: handle 40 pcs IS-640

  • IP Broadcast System is to make broadcast to IP speaker via Internet/Intranet.
  • There are two types of broadcast. Speech broadcast uses microphone plug in PC to make speech to IP speakers. Scheduled broadcast is to play pre-recorded wave file to IP speakers.
  • Scheduled broadcast can be done by single IP speaker or by group. So you may define multiple scheduled broadcasts to different IP speakers at the same time playing different wave files. Maximum IP speakers allowed is 80.
  • Schedule type can be defined as immediately, daily, weekly, monthly, specific day and today, at specific time. Also, you may set date range for this schedule.
  • IP speakers may be defined as group in order to do broadcast at the same time.
  • The volume for speech broadcast may be adjustable.
  • Support IP speaker volume detection feature.
  • IP Broadcast System runs on Windows XP/7/8.
  • IP Broadcast System User manual