OpenVox GSM/UMTS Gateway

OpenVox VoxStack Hybrid VoIP Gateways

VoxStack Hybrid VoIP gateways are the innovative products from OpenVox. They are the industry FIRST Hot-Swap Asterisk-Based VoIP Gateways. This kind of gateways could help reduce expense of devices and save space and make equipment convenient for operation. They provide full flexibility and maximum asterisk functions on the gateways.

These new generation hybrid gateways come with OpenVox unique modular design that supports up to 11 plug-in modules (GW2120-Series). You could randomly combine different telephony interfaces including 3G/GSM, Analog FXO/FXS, BRI ISDN or PRI E1/T1. With current version, it just supports 3G/GSM/FXS combination (up to 44x 3G/GSM channels or 88x FXS ports or any combination of five 3G/GSM/FXS gateway modules at maximum), other types of combination (FXO/E1/T1) will come to use soon.

Notice: The E1/T1 Interface modules can't work in GW1202/GW1600,but can work in GW2120 only when install the motherboard together in the GW2120.

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OpenVox VoxStack Series GSM Gateway is an open source asterisk-based GSM VoIP Gateway solution for SMBs and SOHOs. With friendly GUI and unique modular design, users may easily setup their customized Gateway.Also secondary development can be completed thr