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ALLO SPARKY OCTO Single Board Computer (SBC), Octa Core big.LITTLE Cortex-A15/7 (1.8GHz/1.2GHz), Gigabit, HDMI, support Android, Linux

The ALLO SBC targets to be a cheap, small and flexible enough computer for daily life. Built with the Octo core ALLwinner processor , and open source software, ALLO SBC can serve as a platform for limitless applications.
Our team has over a decade of experience with embedded software and focuses on porting the latest and in demand software that you require to develop your unique product.

The community using SBCs are constantly craving for more flexibility, processing power and of course, lower pricing. We deliver on all of the above.

The ALLO SBC is the new platform for ALLO VoIP and Network Security products such as our STM (SIP Threat Manager), UTM (United Threat Manager), SBC (Session Border Controller) and our ALLO VOIP hardware such as our IP PBXs (AsteriskTM, FreeswitchTM) and Gateways.

Based on Actions S500 quad core chipset and Allwinner octo core A80 chipset (Cortex-A15 or Cortex-A7).

More and more Open Source Projects joind forces with ALLO and offer their software solution for our plattform. With over a decade of embedding experience, the ALLO team is constantly porting new and exciting software opening the door to yet more applications.

Octa Core big.LITTLE Cortex-A15/7
@ Cortex-A7 chip is 1.2GHz, and the Cortex-A15 is 1.8GHz

Multicore GPU
64-core PowerVR G6230


Display Resolution
HDMI 4K output, RGB LCD
2048x1536@60fps, dual-channel
LVDS 1920x1080@60fps, 4-lane
MIPI DSI 1920x1200@60fps, 4-lane
eDP 2560x1600@60fps

Memory Card
3x SD/MMC, Raw NAND with 72-bit ECC eMMC4.5

2x USB Host, USB 3.0/2.0 Dual-Role (host/device)

Video Decoder
Video decoding MPEG 1/2/4, H.263, H.264, WMV9/VC-1, VP8

OpenGL, ES3.0/2.0 and Open CI 1.x DX_9_3

10/100/1000 EMAC

Android, Linux