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ALLO SPARKY Analog Telecom (Bridge the FXO/FXS ports to IP)

The Analog Telecom Shield is used to bridge the FXO/FXS ports to IP. This addition will allow Sparky to become a PBX system (using Asterisk or similar) and you can also design your own analog gateway.

With its 4 analog ports, you can chose from a mix of 2FXO/2FXS or straight 4FXS/4FXO.

Currently, we support Asterisk 13.2 with Dahdi version 2.10.1 (modified for SPI).

We have customized the user interface which is PHP based.

  • 2 x 2 channel FXS or FXO daughter boards with daisy chain mode
  • On/Off Hook LED Indication
  • J-TAG Interface for Programming
  • Field upgradable