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ALLO Piano 2.1 Hi-Fi DAC (Left, Right and Subwoofer Out)

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ALLO using 2 DAC Ic's PCM5142 with integrated DSP. The PurePath software from TI is available for download (registration required) and can be used to create specific filters and other audio functions.

The board will come pre-programed as a 2.1 output (but you can create your own custom design and load it the board and can access the xover frequency directly from linux (we made a small app).

Hardware wise, we have split the digital and analog side with LDOs and we feed the analog side using an extremely capable LDO LT3042 which is having ultra low noise and ultra high PSRR.. Basically each board has 4 LDO (2 for each DAC ic) (note that digital side uses cheaper LDOs).

Top Customer Reviews

  • TheArtofSound.net
    "First of all I can see why it's been called the Piano..."
  • Rataks.com
    "ALLO has done a very good job with its devices. The build quality seems very good."
  • CNX-Software.com
    "Overall Vana Player is an interesting audio device..."
  • Roonlabs.com
    "Set-up of the system was fast and easy – 10 minutes and I got stylish open-work design on my home-office table..."

Of course, on the analog side we used only thin film resistors and poly caps in audiopath.

  • Dedicated two No’s of 384 kHz/32bit high-quality DAC PCM5142 for best sound quality
  • Available with different output connectors: 4 x RCA
  • DAC SNR is 112dB
  • DAC THD+N @ - 1dBFS are –93dB
  • Full Scale Output of DAC is 2.1Vrms
  • Dynamic Range of DAC is 112dB
  • Sampling Frequency ranges from 8 kHz to 384 kHz
  • Ultra-low-noise voltage regulators for optimal audio performance
  • Integrated EEPROM for automatic configuration (with write-protection)
  • HAT Size / Not HAT Compliant
Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature 0C to 70C
Board Size LWH = 68.7mm * 65mm * 22.2mm
Board Weight 30g