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ALCATEL Temporis IP700G bunsiness VoIP Gigabit phone with Embedded DECT base, Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, PoE, HD voice

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Enhanced phone with DECT mobility and Gigabit ethernet
  • Comfort of HD sound to make efficient business calls
  • Embedded DECT base to pair cordless handset and headset and benefit from total mobility
  • Full duplex handsfree to ease your conference calls
  • 16x2 dual-color keys to easily monitor your lines and one-click function access
  • Gigabit ports to make the most out of your network
  • Access to local and network phonebooks for enhanced contact management
The ALCATEL Temporis IP700G deskset is full-featured SIP endpoint business phone designed to work with popular hosted IP PBX services and on-premise SIP PBXs. Once you have ordered and configured your PBX service, the deskset enables you to make and receive calls as you would with any other business phone. The deskset provides calling features such as hold, transfer, conferencing, speakerphone, quick-dial numbers and one-touch voicemail access.

There are two Gigabit ports, known as the Ethernet port and PC port, at the back of the deskset. The Ethernet port allows the ALCATEL Temporis IP700G deskset to connect to the hosted IP PBX via a router. The PC port is for another device such as a personal computer to connect to the local area network through the deskset.

The ALCATEL Temporis IP700G deskset supports paging and call transfers between system extensions and can connect you and two other parties on the same conference call.

The telephone also has 16 dual-function programmable keys. Your system administrator can program these keys for functions such as quick dial, redial, Do Not Disturb, call forwarding, message retrieval, and call parking.

The keys can also be programmed to monitor other desksets in the system. You can press the key for a monitored extension to answer a call at your own deskset. The programmable keys have two-color LEDs to indicate call activity.

The ALCATEL Temporis IP700G IP Phone Features include:

Main features
- 206x128 backlit graphical display
- 5 sip accounts - Power over Ethernet
- Full duplex handsfree
- Supports one IP15 accessory DECT handset and one IP70H cordless headset - 2.5mm headset port and headset key - Call log: 200 entries (received, dialed, missed) - Phonebook: local (200 entries, downloadable), LDAP, black list
- Built-in languages : 10

Function support
- Multiple call operation (up to 6) - 16 function keys with dual-color backlight (up to 32 virtual keys)
-10 speed dial memories (press and hold)
- 4 customizable softkeys - Alert indicators (incoming call, MWI, no service, headset, mute) - Mute, hold, transfer , call forward, call deflection, redial, 3-way conference - 10 built-in melodies - Do Not Disturb - Auto answer - Volume control (handset, speakerphone, headset and ringers) - Dial plans - Anonymous call, ACR
-System or custom logo
-Handset locator

IP PBX integration
- Network conference - BLF, BLA
-DND&CF sync - Intercom, zone paging, music on hold (local tone or remote) - Group pickup, call park
- Configurable progress tones
- Distinctive ringing

Key pad - 4 customizable softkeys
- Menu, Voicemail, OK, Cancel, Call log, Phonebook, R, Hold, DND, Transfer, Conference, Redial
- 16 line/function programmable keys (32 virtual keys) with bicolor backlight
- 4 way navigation key - Volume up and down, mute, handsfree and headset keys

Interfaces - Embedded DECT base
- 2 RJ-45 auto sensing 10/100/1000Mps (LAN/PC)
- 1 RJ-9 port for handset connection
- 1 jack (2,5mm) for headset connection
- 5.1Vdc power jack

Technical Specifications
VoIP Protocol Support : - SIPv2 (RFC3261) Voice Features : - G722, G711A/u, G726, G729a/b - VAD, CNG, AEC, PLC, JB, AGC - Full duplex speakerphone
Network Features:
- DHCP/Static
- DNS Srv, Redundant server support
- DTMF: In band, RFC2833, SIP Info
- 802.1x, LLDP - QOS 802.1p/Q, DSCP Security Features:
- Config file AES encryption
- 2 level access privileges (user/admin)
- Certificate management

Configuration and Management
IP address Assignment :
- DHCP, Static IP Configuration Support :
- Keypad
- Web browser management (Admin/User), HTTP/HTTPS)
- Autoprovision with PnP, HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP/FTP, APRT support
- Pcap tracing, syslog
- SUOTA for DECT handset upgrade*
- One-click config generation

Physical & Environmental Mounting :
- Multiposition adjustable footstand: 7
- Wall mountable Power over Ethernet :
- 802.3af, class 0 Power Adaptor :
- AC100-240V input, 5.1Vdc/1700mA output (not included, order separately) Power consumption:
- 7.5W Operating temperature :
- From -5 to 45ºC Operating Humidity :
- Up to 95% non-condensing Storage temperature :
- Up to 60ºC

(* Soon available)

Notice: ALCATEL Temporis IP700G without power adaptor, in white box packaing, with a printed quick start guide


    ALCATEL TEMPORIS IP15, Expand your DECT system with additional handsets
    ALCATEL TEMPORIS IP70, DECT headset (Ultra-light, Autonomy: 8h talk time, Range: 150 meters)
Multilingual Language Web Interface and Phone Menu:
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Greek
Download Firmware:

Download Admin Guide: Alcatel_home_business_phones_IP_range_Admin_Guide_v1.0
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