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In 2016 gives us no IP phone manufacturers known allows Doppeleiträge such as Franz Müller to select in another substructure to distinctions between Franz Müller from the pharmacy or Franz Müller from the catering.

The only possibility would be to install an Android phone computer app on a tablet PC or possibly Grandstream GXV3275 Video Android.

The telephone systems manufacturer Askozia will support the next firmware update to 5.0 LDAP to update the phone book directly from the LDAP server connection. The LDAP software is freely available, more information about LDAP can be found on Wikipedia. LDAP has the advantage that the phonebook entries are no longer the internal phonebook memory chip is limited, thus be phonebook entries to update in real time. Instead cumbersome items to update via provisioning. Here, the phone book up to date can only override, even if the phone is restarted. In contrast are the updated contacts on the LDAP data interface immediately on the phone.