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Thomson IP TB30 Professional SIP Telefon mit PoE inkl. Netzteil (Optional: Wireless DECT Headset Support)

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71,40 EUR
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The Thomson TB30 offers a high quality IP solution at a cost-effective price, making feature rich VoIP services much more accessible for both large and small enterprises.

Full duplex and HD sound are combined in the TB30 to deliver an outstanding acoustic performance.

Constantly upgrading its SIP and MGCP stacks since 2005, the Thomson TB30 offers interoperability with over 60 different

PaBXs across the market. In addition, for more flexibility, an extensive range of Auto Provisioning System (APS) functions simplify the deployment and maintenance of the Thomson TB30.

Multilingual "English/ French/ Spanish/ Russian/ Portuguese/ Italian/ German/ Dutch/ Norwegian"

•Phone services: multilines, call forward, call transfer, call hold, call waiting, redial
•Phonebook: local (100 entries), remote (HTPP XML)
•HD sound and full duplex
•Multilingual menu
•Extension module (36 additional backlighted keys)
•SIP, SIPS, SRTP and MGCP compliant

•Numerous extended services for business purpose
•A product designed for an optimum ease of use
•Complementary add-ons to extend the phone’s functionalities
•Extended interoperability to increase flexibility
•Headset support designed with industry leaders (Plantronics and Jabra)

Technical Specifications

Phone Set

Function Support
¦¦ Speed dial (10 direct memories)
¦¦Multiple calls operation
¦¦Alert Indicator (missed calls, call or message waiting)
¦¦Mute ,Hold, Transfer, Forward call operation
¦¦On-hook dialing
¦¦ Full Duplex Handsfree
¦¦Call Log (Local: 30 entries; incoming/outgoing calls or Remote XML)
¦¦Address book (Local: 100 indirect memories or Remote XML)
¦¦ 16 polyphonic rings
¦¦Caller ID Display
¦¦Do Not Disturb
¦¦Volume control (speaker, handset, headset & ringer)
¦¦Date & time display (idle state)
¦¦Call duration display
¦¦Dial from Call log

Key Pad
¦¦ 3 soft keys, Volume Up & down, Menu and Cancel keys
¦¦ 5 keys navigation pad
¦¦ 12 keys dialing pad
¦¦ 10 backlighted programmable keys
¦¦ 2 fixed function keys (redial, phonebook)
¦¦ 3 fixed backlighted function keys (mute, handsfree, headset)
¦¦ 1 MWI Backlighted Voice Mail Key

¦¦ 2 RJ-45 auto-sensing 10/100Mbps (one for PC and one for LAN)
¦¦ 1 RJ-45 port for keyboard extension connection
¦¦ 1 RJ-45 port for headset connection with EHS/DHSG Support (Plantronics APS-11 + CS540 DECT Headset etc.)
¦¦ 1 RJ-9 port for handset connection
¦¦ 1 USB master port for advanced features

Technical Specifications

VoIP Protocol Support

¦¦ SIP v2 (RFC 3261), SIP S, SRTP or MGCP VoIP platform tested support
¦¦Alcatel OXE , Comverse/Netcentrex (SIP, MGCP), Cirpack (SIP, MGCP), Broadsoft,Nortel Cs2000, Open Source & Asterisk based IPBX, Net-tone, Epygi (SIP), Centile Comunigate, PBX Panasonic KX-TD100, Starface (Vertico IPBX), NEC Infrontia, Huawei SoftX3000, Sylantro, Fujitsu/Metaswitch, Gendband M6 Audio Codec
¦¦G.711 μ-law/A-law, G.723.1, G.729ab, G.722, G722.2, ilbc Internet Support
¦¦ IP (RFC0791), TCP (RFC0793), UDP (RFC0768) ARP (RFC0826) protocols
¦¦DHCP client (RFC2131)
¦¦ SDP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SNTP, SNMP Embedded switch VLAN Support
¦¦VLAN segregation (Data VLAN for PC and Voice VLAN for the phone) Ethernet
¦¦ IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet
¦¦ IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet Quality of Service
¦¦ToS Diffserv, 802.1p/Q
¦¦VAD, CNG, Proprietary Packet Loss compensation, Adaptative Jitter Buffer Dial Tone Signal Generation
¦¦DTMF (Out of Band and In Band)
¦¦RFC 2833
¦¦ SIP info


IP Adress Assignment

¦¦DHCP client or fixed

Configuration Support
¦¦Keypad & LCD
¦¦Web browser management with 2 Levels (User and Admin)
¦¦TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, USB, TR69 (Under specific arrangement) server download
¦¦ Local & remote warm reboot
¦¦Configuration protected by Password
¦¦Encryption of Configuration file

Physical & Environmental


¦¦ Footstand with 2 angles

Power over Ethernet
¦¦ Power over Ethernet (802.3af), DC 48V, class 2

Power Adapter
¦¦ 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 0.5 A
¦¦ 12V, 1A, SMPS

Operating Temperature
¦¦ from 0° to 50° C (32° / 104° F)

Storage Temperature
¦¦ from -5° to 80° C (-40° / 158° F)

¦¦ up to 95% non-condensing


The TB30 has almost the same Admin Menu as the 2030/2022. The Admin Guide, the phone has Syslog function. Important is /admin.html behind the IP address otherwise you are in Usermenu !!!!

User name: administrator
Password: 784518

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No additional licence fee

On January 27th 2010, Thomson changed its company name to Technicolor. All product data sheets, including those for products which still carry the Thomson name, now reflect our new Technicolor brand.

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