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OpenVox VS-CHS-2120, VoxStack Chassis, OpenVox Unified Communication Platform (UCP)

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OpenVox Unified Communication Platform (UCP) is an ideal solution to integrate data, voice and video in one product for SME market. It is a 2U combination of almost all features in VoIP gateway and IPPBX, but having more unparalled flexibility, reliability and expansibility with cost effective.

The OpenVox UCP is more than just a VoIP gateway or an IPPBX. It is a 2U hybrid unified communication platform with both VoIP gateway and IPPBX functions. You can simply customize your IPPBX and VoIP Gateway solutions in one box with different interface modules. The UCP supports FXS, GSM and E1 interface modules and CPU board modules. The CPU board module comes with X86 architecture and works as an independent IPPBX system, supporting both Linux and Windows. The UCP supports two independent IPPBX systems in one box. Thus one system can be set as a master IPPBX system and the other as a redundant system. All data storage can be saved synchronously in the two systems. The UCP brings you the real all-in-one solution.

Family Products

Chassis and Ethernet switch adapter
VS-CHS-2120     2U 19 inch rack mount 12-slots chassis
VS-ECU-M3110     14 port 10/100M Ethernet switch adapter for VS-CHS-2120

GSM VoIP adapter
VS-GGU-E1M400     4 port GSM VoIP gateway adapter (SIM840 Module), Max power: 7W
VS-GGU-E1M401     4 port GSM VoIP gateway adapter (M35 Module), Max power: 180W

FXS VoIP Adapter
VS-AGU-E1M800-S     8 port FXS VOIP gateway adapter
VS-AGU-E1M800-O     8 port FXO VOIP gateway adapter

T1/E1/J1 Interface adapter*1
VS-EIU-1004     4 port T1/E1 adapter
VS-EIU-1004E     4 port T1/E1 adapter with hardware echo cancellation
VS-EIU-1002     2 port T1/E1 adapter
VS-EIU-1002E     2 port T1/E1 adapter with hardware echo cancellation
VS-EIU-1001     1 port T1/E1 adapter
VS-EIU-1001E     1 port T1/E1 adapter with hardware echo cancellation

Processor adapter
VS-CCU-N2600AH-H     Intel Atom N2600 Processor adapter with 2.5" HDD mount kit*2

*1: Interface adapter which is PCI-Express based must be used with processor adapter together.
*2: This adapter occupies 2 slots.

  • Passive Backplane
  • Hot-pluggable line card
  • Swappable fan module (2U model)
  • Avoid single point of failure
  • Star topology Bus
  • Smart Module (Build in CPU on each line card)
  • Compact PCI long life backplane connector
  • Wide software selection: Asterisk, Elastix, Freepbx, 3CX,etc
  • Power:AC 100V~120V(110V)
  • AC 200V~240V(220V)
  • Temperature: 0~75? (Operation)
  • -40~85?(storage)
  • Humidity: 10~90% NON-CONDENSING
  • Combination of GSM/FXS, E1/T1/J1, CPU Interface
  • Size: 43cm*33cm*8.8cm
  • Weight: 8500g
  • 3-Month "No Questions Asked" Return Policy
  • One Year Warranty
  • Optional modules: FXS/FXO GSM BRI T1/E1 Processor
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