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Tema AA-10 Universal Doorphone PBX (FXS) Interface Connection to an Analog Trunk Interface, fits with all for existing Door Entry System

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Mehrdraht TFE analog Adapter am freien Telefonanlagen PSTN- / POTS- / FXO-Port
Telefonanlagen Türtelefon-Schnittstelle per Anbindung an der analogen Amtsleitung POTS-Port (FXO), Netzteil nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten, ein externes 12V Netzteil ist erforderlich (Tema T7012 Stromnetzteil)

Modellkompatibilität: Verbindung mit analoger externen Nebenstelle (FXO)
Kompatible Türsprechstellen: BTP, Grothe, Rith,o Siedle, Terraneo, Legrand, Urmet etc.
Montage: Hutschienenmontage
Markenkompatibilität: Alle bestehende Telefonanlagen mit PSTN Port

• Fits with all EXISTING Entry Phone Systems (4, 5 wires), DIN bar mounting
• 1 open-door relay and 2 auxiliary relays in order to drive external devices
• Number of pulses and contact-closed duration are programmable (Open-door relay)
• Normal or impulsive running programmable (Auxiliary relays)
• Programmable via DTMF phone with 8 different commands.
• Non-volatile memory: programming set even in case of power supply fall.

TEMA Door Phone Systems AA-10 allows to connect an existing Entry Door System (4/5 wires) to a PBX analog trunk interface.

When a guest arrives and pushes the button to ask to enter, AA-10 generates a call to PBX. This call is routed to the operator or to programmed extensions.

In this way is possible to execute, through a normal DTMF phone, 8 different commands as you normally would through the entry phone device: speaking with guest, open the door lock, switch on/off the lights and so on. AA-10 is equipped with 1 open-door relay and 2 auxiliary relays in order to drive external devices (i.e. switch on lights). Both relays are fully programmable: is it possible to choose the number of pulses of the open-door relay and the modality of the auxiliary relays (normal or impulsive running): this features, as well as small dimensions, make AA-10 a flexible solution for several automation requirements.

Manual: Please ask!
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