2N Helios IP Pro with 1 Call keys, Keyboard (SIP)

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2N® Helios IP is a comprehensive solution for door entry. Thanks to high modularity and broad functionality 2N® Helios IP is the perfect choice for all sizes of installations and all kinds of buildings.

• Audio, video, keypad and door opening in one box
• Pure IP environment – LAN using SIP
• Alternative power supply – 12V or Power over Ethernet
• Optional color TFT display with an intuitive user interface
• High quality audio (codec G.711, G.729) and real time high quality video (codecs H.263, H.264)
• Remote control and administration for your convenience and mobility
• Simple installation - integration into VoIP/SIP based environment by only one cable for audio,
video and power supply
• High resistance – Marine Grade Steel case with IP 53 cover

• Comfortable way to see and allow entry to a visitor remotely
• Increased property security
• Being reachable at all times

Who is 2N® Helios IP intended for?
• Hospitals, laboratories
• Offices (small to large)
• Residences, gated communities, blocks of flats
• Parking lots
• Government, institutions
• Schools, universities, campuses
• Prisons
• And anywhere else you appreciate secured door entry

Broad functionality

Real time video streaming
It is a video watching 24/7. This continual streaming of voice and video via LAN can be received by any device supporting RTSP and can be
watched by 4 different computers at one time independently on call.
Practical use:
This function will increase the building security. Just record your video from 2N® Helios IP and you will have a proof of people entering. It can
serve also as a substitute for a video phone.

User sounds
This function enables the setting of any sounds defined by a user instead of the default sounds for 2N® Helios IP activities. It customises the
door communication and makes it more personal and pleasant for visitors.
Practical use:
The visitor can hear instead of the busy tone the sentence „Please dial again later“.

Time profiles
A time profile defines when the phone number or lock code is valid or invalid. Any profile can be assigned to a particular lock or a contact in
the phone book. There are up to 20 time profiles.
Practical use:
If you want to limit the access of a particular person at a particular time, e.g. a cleaning service has an access code which is able to open
the door just between 17:00 and 21:00, Monday to Friday.

HTTP lock control
The relay inside 2N® Helios IP can be activated/deactivated from another device by http command fully independent of incoming/outgoing
Practical use:
If 2N® Helios IP is integrated into the home automation system then this feature enables the opening of the door lock from the central tablet
independently on incoming/outgoing calls.

TFTP server
This feature enables the automatic update of firmware and configuration from a TFTP server and it provides substantial time savings for the
IT department where many units have to be administered.
Practical use:
All 2N® Helios IP units can download the configuration and new firmware from one place in the case of extensive installations – there is no
need to upgrade all units one by one.

…and many more smart and useful features.