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Alcatel Temporis 780 schwarz, Analog Festnetztelefon ideal als Hoteltelefon, Zimmertelefon oder Haustelefon

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38,32 EUR
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The ultra professional corded phone
  • The large and comfortable display with a high legibility
  • The hands free function to share your conversation while having a meeting
  • 10 direct lockable memory keys to easily call your top contacts
  • Easy call pick up in headset** mode thanks to the dedicated key
  • Possibility to erase the redial function memory for more confidentiality
Display type
Dot matrix display 1 line of icons + 3 lines of text
Contrast adjustment5 levelsCall duration, date & time display ?
Languages EN/FR/GE/IT/DU/PT/SP
Call log* 70
Caller Identification before answering and on 2nd call* ?

Main Features
Handsfree/volume adjustment
? (orange backlit key)/8 levels
Adjustable earpiece volume 4 levels
Direct access key to headset mode ?
Headset port (RJ9)?On-hook dialing ?
Direct memories (lockable) 10
Directory 170
Direct access key to operator or PBX services 3
Message waiting lamp indicator?Missed call icon and visual indicator ?
Direct access key to operator or PBX voicemail system ?
Number of ringtones 10
Ringtone volume 3
Ringer off ?
Redial 5 (possibility to erase the memory)
Pre-dialing ?
Keypad lock ?
Mute key ?
R, #, * keys ?

Technical Features
Wall mounting kit
Dialing type Tone/Pulse
Flash time 100, 285, 600 ms
Removable line cord Yes/RJ11/RJ11
Power supply No/Line powered
Phone weight
Phone size : L x W x H (mm)184 x 190 x 55