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Gempro GP-510 Skype/GSM/CDMA to PBX Terminal (Bluetooth)

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The GP-510 uses Bluetooth technology to connect Bluetooth mobile phone with general telephone or PBX.  It makes PBX own a mobile routing trunk immediately. You can protect yourself from the electromagnetic radiation, and save expenses roaming telephone fee, furthermore you don’t need to change your table phone using habits.

  • Using Bluetooth to make PBX own a mobile routing trunk immediatly.
  • GP-510 use Bluetooth to pairs mobile phone directly; it makes the connection free from the limitation of telecommunication provider and frequency.
  • Just using table phone to dial and receive calls, protect users from the electromagnetic radiation.
  • Speed Dial Function.
  • The calling will be transferred to PSTN automatically when power failure, Bluetooth mobile phone is unpaired or out of range.
  • Digital volume and gain adjustment.
  • Local code setting and code add automatically. There is no need for users to change their dialing habit.
  • Bluetooth pairing and searching automatically.
  • Transmit high quality voice.
  • Compatible with GSM/CDMA/3G/3.5G/WCDMA Bluetooth mobile phone.
  • Using Bluetooth technology, so the connection doesn’t need any wires.
  • Set up and memorize 100 group phone number to Speed Dial.
GP-510/530 demo
  • Test 1:  Answer Skype Call by telephone
  • Test 2: Dial out to a SKype account by telephone
See the application of GP-510
Support Dial Tone & Busy Tone in many countries:  Specification:             

    Metering Signals: 12KHz, 16KHz,Polarity Reversal,Tone
    A/D ,D/A : G.711:PCM Mode
    DTMF : Detect & Generator
    Caller ID Format: DTMF
    Tone Programmable: Dial Tone & Busy Tone
    Power : AC110/220V 50/60HZ


    Bluetooth Specification V2.
    Carrier Frequency 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz
    Modulation Method GFSK,1Mbps,0.5BT Gaussian
    Output level, class 2
    10 meters working range