Phybridge EC10 Switch (Ethernet over Coax)

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Phybridge EC (Ethernet over Coax) switches are based on Phybridge’s proven PoLRE® (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) technology. EC is a 10 port Ethernet over Coax switch designed specifically to facilitate a seamless switchover from an analog to an IP infrastructure by leveraging the existing coax cables to deliver Ethernet and POE. The EC switch transforms the existing, proven reliable coax infrastructure into an IP path with power ideal for IP Cameras.

Powered by PoLRE, the EC switch backbone complements the data switch fabric and you are guaranteed a dedicated secure path and bandwidth for the video streams with no data LAN dependencies due to the physical separation of the video stream. Your bandwidth and power requirements are supported today and into the future.

From 5 to 5,000 Cameras, Phybridge can help optimize your LAN for IP while offering the best return on investment possible. In addition to the EC switch, Phybridge has a managed switch offering.


Highly resilient and robust EC switches have been designed from the ground up to meet the “five nines” high availability of service required in telephony. Solid and dependable, EC switches are built to withstand tough operating environments.

Leveraging your existing coax infrastructure makes migrating to IP Cameras simple, and the quick and easy plug-and-play deployment saves you time while minimizing network and business disruption.

Repeatable, predictable, scalable deployment experience across every location.

Point-to-point topology provides dedicated physical bandwidth for voice, ensuring QoS and voice continuity with no data LAN dependencies.

Simplify network management. Physically separating video streaming traffic eliminates the complexities of managing constantly changing voice, video, and data traffic that share a single path.

Stackable with two uplink ports.