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DC isolator SMA plug / socket; DuoPack (2 pieces) for LTE and GSM antennas; Made in Germany; to decouple the "resistive short circuit" as AVM Fritz Box 6842

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There are now some routers (eg AVM FritzBox 6842) without antenna switch or automatic detection, which can not cope with the so-called "resistive short circuit" which prevails in log-periodic antennas. Unlike, for example, the Telekom Speedport requires this "resistive short circuit" it causes that the connected antennas bring no improvement in reception obrigen routers.

The ohmic short-circuit all have antennae!

The partition member is extremely small (10x10mm) and mechanically very stable, so that it can easily be mounted directly next to each other on Antnnenport on most routers.
They require each antenna line, a separator, so for an LTE Duo Set 2 pieces.

Technical specifications:
DC isolator for LTE applications
capacitive isolation of the inner conductor
Frequency range: 50-3000MHz
in metal housing (20mm long and wide 10x10)
Connectors: SMA standard plug / socket