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200 MBit DS2 UPA powerline with integrated Schuko Euro socket (Comtrend / Telefonica)

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The PowerGrid902, UPA (Universal Powerline Association) compliant Ethernet adapter, provides high quality data transmission for high-speed networking. It allows users to extend a local area network via existing power lines, which eliminates the need for extra wiring. Installation in a home (or small office) is quick and easy as the PowerGrid902 comes complete with plug and play technology. Comtrend’s PowerGrid902 can achieve line rates of up to 200 Mbps. Such high speed transmission can support on-demand video, on-line gaming, multimedia downloading or other broadband uses. Sharing peripherals such as DVs, printers, scanners and digital cameras is also supported. Additionally, the PowerGrid902 features advanced encryption algorithms to safeguard your network integrity.

  • High Speed Data Transmission
    Speeds of up to 200Mbps to support broadband applications such as video, gaming, digital music, file sharing, and Internet browsing in the home.
  • No Extra Wires Needed
    Homeowners can extend their local area network without the hassle of installing extra wiring since every home has its own power line network already in place.
  • Plug & Play
    Quick and easy connections with embedded plug and play. To extend a network, simply plug a pair of adapters into any two power outlets. No configuration required!
  • Extends Connecting Range And Eliminates Dead Spots
    Unlike wireless, Powerline technology can cover in excess of 99% of the home.
  • More Outlets than Other Wired Solutions
    On average, there are 45 power outlets in a home. This compares with only 3-5 cable or phone outlets. This makes it much more convenient to extend a network over power lines.
  • Female Power Socket with AC Filter
    Extend a network without losing a single power outlet since every unit has a female socket with AC filter that prevents line interference and noise from connected equipment degrading the PLC signal.
  • Security
    With advanced data encryption capability, the power line network is safe and secure.
  • Interface
    RJ-45 X 1 for Ethernet connection
  • Ethernet
    Standard: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
    10/100 BaseT: Auto-sense
    MDI/MDX support: Yes
  • Modulations
    OFDM, 1536 Carriers: Flexible frequency configuration
  • Data Rate
    Up to 200Mbps
  • Management
    HTTP Web-based management; Firmware upgrade via TFTP
  • Security
    Mixed DES/3DES and AES encryption guarantees total data security
  • Network Protocols
    802.1D Ethernet Bridge: Yes
    802.1Q VLAN: Yes
    Quality of Service (QoS): Yes
  • Power
    110-240 VAC; Filtered Female outlet support 10A, power consumpition less than 5W.
  • Environment Conditions
    Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius
    Relative humidity: 10 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions
    72 mm (W) x 144 mm (H) x 56 mm (D)