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ALLO Volt AMP (Audio Amplifier)

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The TPA3116/18 class D amplifier IC is a leap in terms of audio quality.

Our board is a high quality implementation of the stock design.

- Using TPA3118 (better grounding of main IC)
- Anti-Pop circuit
- Bootstrap snubber mod
- Brand name components as per picture
- Radio avoidance switch (to reduce interference)
- PCB with extra copper (since on transient’s current can spike to 5A)

Note that PCB comes in 2 flavors:

1. Volt is a shield and beneath it has connector that will plug into our DACs (Piano and Piano 2.1). It has no RCA inputs. (Capacitance Multiplier can be added as a standalone board).

2. Volt+ is a standalone amplifier with RCA IN (stereo). In addition to everything that the Volt has, we have added a circuit in the power supply that will reject spikes and noise to about 60db. The name of the circuit is "Capacitance Multiplier". Please note that Class D amplifier needs a quiet PSU.

Volt+ can be used with our DACs through the RCA input, as a standalone board.


  • This class D amplifier goes up to 2 x 50W Max
  • The components used are specifically designed for high end audio devices (Würth Inductor, TI chipset, film capacitors and ± 1% thin film resistors)
  • VOLT AMP boasts 4 output filters, 4 EMI Snubbers, 4 bootstrap capacitors and gain setting components
  • And Additional Provision for stepped attenuator volume control
  • Comes in two flavors (Volt and Vol+)
  • HAT Size / NOT HAT complaint
ALLO Volt AMP components:
Thin Film Resistors and X7R Capacitors, Power LED, Mute LED, AM Avoidance Switch, Panasonic Power Capacitors, Right Speaker Output, Lef Speaker Output, Output EMI Snubber, Output LP Filters, Inductor From Wurth Electronics, AMP TPA3118D2, Connector for Stepped Attenuator, Bootstrap Capacitors, Input Coupling Capacitors, DC Jack