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Burnside Voxilog CR100

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The Burnside Voxilog CR100 is a fully automatic high quality call recording terminal. It can be connected to a telephone handset or headset or alternatively to a landline. Calls are recorded as Wave files to a standard SD memory card which may be played and archived on any PC or MAC.

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Very easy to set up using voice prompts
  • High quality call recording with automatic level control
  • Real time clock with battery backup
  • Standard SD card supplied
  • Recorded calls are stored as individual Wave files
  • RJ9 connection for telephone handset/headset
  • One RJ11 for PSTN connection
  • Caller ID detection on PSTN
  • DTMF detection on PSTN
  • Incoming/outgoing numbers when available, are stored
  • Low power consumption